Top 10 GPS Navigators for Car

Top 10 GPS Navigators for Car

Are you looking for top 10 GPS for car? Read this article, here we have given you information about top 10 GPS for car. Go through the article and choose the best one according to your needs and budget.

  1. TOMTOM XXL 550- TM:

The XXL 550- TM offers TOMTOM’s normal impressive navigation abilities and includes a roomy five inch screen. Added lifetime traffic and map updates creates this the excellent 5.0” navigator option.You can get sensible routes from its IQ routes. It has huge databases of seven million POIs. The life traffic receiver of the device is desegregated in to power cable on traffic made models.The negative side of this device are there is no Bluetooth,missing features that are seen on the previous model XXL 540 series.

  1. TOMTOM XL 350-TM displays an easy GPS interface:

This model offers usual attractive navigation features. By having an industry standard 4.3 inch screen, this GPS is very interesting.It is added with lifetime traffic and map updates. The device is also found with all features needed at the cheap price.The new OS has fast access to control the volume, day and night settings from the main menu. While planning route, the summary screen has a change route option also.

  1. TOMTOM GO 2505-TM in a five inch package:

This device contains virtually all feature which you could need in a non attached navigation machine.It has 4.3 inch screen and there are plenty of new things you can see on the GO 2505. The display is a flat, the mounting bracket is new.You can see a easy to avail twist and lock system that protects the suction cup to the dashboard mounting disc.The Bluetooth function smoothly and easily connected.It contains all the navigation device with attractive design.

  1. Garmin’s premium 3790T with new features:

This new device is sexy, sleek and stylish. Garmin has fully redesigned the screen and the case.It sports 4.3 inch screen with a greater resolution eight hundred by four hundred eighty display.This GPS contains a measurement of 4.8 and has a weight of about 4.1 ounces. New superior feature also has 3D building and terrain view, dubbed traffic tends, and two new Nuroute technologies.The voice recognition was amazingly accurate and it need no training.

  1. Garmin nüvi 1350T: Sleek GPS:

One of the difficulty of purchasing a GPS device is to check out which set of abilities you need.This model is upgradeable by having maps for Europe, but if you want to have a trip to Europe, it is better to upgrade the cheaper device.The slimmer case on the 1300 sets is a feature which makes them easily differentiate from the previous series.In the model a feature ecoroute tracks fuel usage and can measure a fuel efficient path along with the conventional shortest distance and quickest route ways.The negative side is there is no multisegment routing.

  1. Terrific value Garmin nüvi 265W/265WT :

If you are looking for a bargain rated GPS, finding for the last years models is good area to begin.The best finds recently is garmin Nuvi 265WT. It is 4.3 inch wide screen model, shares identical features with its sibling.It includes amazing features always seen in the premium rated GPS’s.You do not want to be advised on too many traffic areas to actually appreciate the value of turn by turn direction feature.It is an old model but with the good features.It is added with lifetime traffic alerts.Negative side is there is no highway lane help.

7.1690 GPS device from garmin Nuvi:

This model shares lot of features seen on the today reviewed. It has 4.3 inch screen, Bluetooth phone connectivity, text to speech conversions and lane help with junction view.It is thicker, includes multisegment direction with route optimization.Lane help offer a clear vision and also work well like a speakerphone.Under the flight condition, you can be able to check flight numbers and find arrivals or departures.The GPS also offers present conditions for Chicago, New York city and Los Angeles.The currency exchange operation updates exchange price everyday, hence it will be useful to get the recent information.If you contain an active route along with the present route, Google local offers online access.The device will also alert the customer about traffic delays. As a primary model of new technology, the 1690 shows a good effort.

  1. Magellan roat mate 1700 sports 7 inch:

If you are searching for a portable device with a mammoth screen, this is a right option.It is 0,6 inches, weight with 10.7 ounces, it is big to pack a larger seven inch screen.In a big vehicle like a truck or TV, the roatemate is the right size. It needs lot of dashboard area and based on the mounting place, made distracting blind spaces.This model has lot of great features. It includes a robust database of six million points of passion, supports multidestination routing.A special feature is one touch that offers one tap access to shortcuts for places which you can say.The map view is also very uncluttered and clean.The text to speech offers obvious directions and say street names perfectly.The excellent feature is the ability to measure various routes based on fastest, shortest, most use of highways and least use of highways.

  1. Magellan RoadMate 5045-LM is packed in to five inch navigator with familiar features:

By having standard screen size is 4.3 inches. The present trend in marketing GPS on these days is for a company to make a base model and to make the product famous with slight differences on the main model.The model 5045 shares the similar feature and user interface set like other products. But it lacks Bluetooth interface. The one touch feature allow you to easily navigate to a saved search or favorite.This model also includes multisegment direction and highway lane help features on same competing goods.It has a roomy 5.0 inch screen, lifetime traffic alerts but it rebooted at the time of navigation.

  1. Garmin Nuvi 1260T:

Every GPS manufacturer gives different range of goods, each with different features. The main challenge in purchasing a device is to decide which features are important and which ones would be nice to possess.If you know about garmin goods numbering scheme, that T in the goods shows lifetime traffic and the 6” refers that it contains a Bluetooth phone interface.It is slightly full quarter inch thinner. If your aim is to get 3.5 inch navigation product, then 1260 T is a best option.In the product line you can easily purchase 4.3 inch for ten dollars. Shop with lot of caution for the features you need.

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