Top-10 Best waterproof car covers in 2016

Top-10 Best waterproof car covers in 2016

After acquiring your car, a waterproof cover is among the most important accessories that you should seek. The best waterproof car covers offer optimum protection for your car from adverse effects of the rain that include corrosion among others. This not only saves your from unnecessary expense of undertaking a new paint job but as well enables you to maintain the car’s original paint and its shine. This also allows you to park your car outside the house during the rainy season without the need to seek to hire a garage that would be an added expense to your expenditure.

Why waterproof covers for your car

In the modern times, acid rain is common. This comes with corrosive elements that wear out the paint job on your car. During the rainy season, debris, leaves and flowers settle on the car and start rotting if the car is parked for prolonged periods. This also harms the car’s paint and may also corrode the metalwork on the car. This results in incurring exposes that would otherwise have been avoided. Here are a few of the leading car covers available.

#1. Kapsco Moto’s True-Superior Waterproof cover

This water resistant cover is ideal when storing your car for extended periods of time. The cover comes in dimensions of 210” x 70” x 47”. Created of a strong material the cover has ability to withstand effects of frost, snow and other wet conditions that might affect your car. It forms an ideal choice for underground storage of the car. Its large size also allows for covering of large car models including sedans among others. It’s designed with an inner ultra soft cotton to protect the car from scratches and abrasion. This cover also comes with a handy bag that allows for easy storage when not in use.

#2. Waterproof Sedan car cover

Among the best waterproof car covers available for this season, it offers more that just protection from the rain. The cover is designed with a soft fabric which enables the car to remain scratch free while in the parking. It comes with advanced feature that include antenna reinforced patch that ensures the car’s antenna remain in place and safe during the storage. The bottom hem of the cover is elasticized a factor that gives a perfect fit for the cover and ensures it cannot be blown away by wind. It comes with a snug fit storage bag that is used to store the cover safely after use.

#3. Waterproof 5-layer car cover

This is a top class and eco-friendly cover. Made from biodegradable and eco-friendly materials, the cover offers maximum protection for the car. The covers come with customizable options to allow for a tight fit for the car and offer maximum protection. For safe storage after use, the cover comes with a nice storage bag.

#4. Rain-X’s waterproof extra-large car cover

This is a high quality and among the best waterproof car covers. Its extra-large creation with soft fabric makes it an ideal choice for car protection against adverse weather effects. The soft fabric of the cover ensures the car remains safe from scratches. Removal and attachment of the cover is easy and swift a factor enhanced by tie-down straps and an elasticized hem. An antenna pitch offers extra protection during the period of storage.

#5. Cover-king’s UV-CCAR3N98 Car Cover

A product from a leading brand manufacturer coverking, it is made of a thick polypropylene material. The material is ultra-soft on the car ensuring utmost safety for the car from the scratches. The material used in creation of this product ensures any external moisture is repelled while any wetness on the inner part is expelled leaving no room for formation of molds and mildew. Its manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on purchase of the product to cater for any defects that may arise.

#6. Budges’s SUV waterproof vehicle cover

Created for use with large cars, this cover is created as a special feature for SUVs owing to its spacious size. It measures in dimensions of 210” x 68” x 60”. It is created of a triple layer material that is capable to withstand high intensity rainfall. This is alongside its soft inner that will keeps your car safe from scratches.

#7. OxGord’s Waterproof 5-Layer car cover

Created of polypropylene material, this is an ideal car protection cover for outdoor parking. It is created with a PVC coating that makes it totally impossible to be penetrated by rainwater. The inner parts of the cover are lined with soft fleece for protection against scratches. The most outstanding feature of this cover is the grommet holes that allow to provision for locks, ropes and strings to secure the cover. On purchase, the cover is provided with a great storage bag that allows for easy storage when not in use.

#8. Topline’s Auto-part waterproof 4-Layer SUV cover

This is an all weather cover for your car. It comes large enough to cater for SUVs as well as medium sized cars. For optimum protection, the cover is created of a 4-layer fabric that makes adverse effect of the weather to penetrate and harm the car.

#9. Only’s Waterproof S-Series Sedan Cover

Considered to be one of the most popular and user-friendly pieces, this cover is made from oxford materials that are strong enough to withstand any effects of extreme weather. It is made of protective clothing layers alongside a soft inner material. Either than extreme weather conditions, it also protects the car from scratches and any other harm. It is one of the most durable covers in the modern market.

#10. FH Group’s Waterproof Car Cover

A product from the renown FH brand, this is a long lasting piece that offers great value for its cost. The cover is made of a specially treated polyester material that comes with a silver lining. The inner fabric consists of soft and strong material to offer protection against scratches. The edges of the cover are double stitched to make it stronger and offer maximum protection.


Your car is a pricey possession. It requires to be protected at all costs to ensure it is in a position to offer the services for which it was acquired. Choosing the best waterproof car covers is one of the most important steps to ensure the car is protected and in such way avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

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    Among the Top 10 Best waterproof car covers in 2016 of your list, I did try OxGord’s Waterproof 5-Layer car cover. It is quite wonderful with the long durability.

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